Natural Cleaners

Organic Shampoo Base

A very thick certified organic product base gives a rich, thicker lather which may also be used to create a shower gel, handwash product or your favourite shampoo. Contains green tea extract, aloe vera gel, glycerine, coco glucoside, xantham gum and citric acid.

$25.95 per 300ml  – Makes approximately 600ml finished product

Borax Pentahydrate

500gms $10.95
1kg $5.50

Washing Soda (Soda Ash)

500gms $4.25
1kg $8.50

Baking Soda

$4.00 per kg

Citric Acid

$8.95 per kg

Epsom Salts

$5.95 per kg

Natural Tooth Powder

$18.50 per 65gm pot

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