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As a practising and teaching herbalist for more than 40 years my philosophy has always been that “The old ways will become the way of the future”, reflecting the cycle of life. This approach is reflected in my teaching style, of hands on grass roots practical herbalism, working with earth’s amazing healing plants from the ground up.

Through several decades of my younger life, extensive study and teaching within the cosmetic/beauty industry allowed me to expand on the true meaning of ‘Pure and Natural’ and to explore herbals in a unique wholistic manner as they relate to skincare and responsible healthcare.

Over many decades of teaching hundreds of wonderful students, I take much pleasure and pride in the achievements of these students opening businesses, developing product ranges and going on to themselves teach others the simple wholistic approach to living and leading a more natural, healthgiving life. (and so the wheel turns)

My writings, public lectures, radio and TV appearances and teachings, hopefully will continue to show that “we must each be the change” in order to see the change.

Donna Lee, Owner – Cottage Hill Herb Farm


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