Herbal Capsules

Our herb capsules are 100% pure whole organic herbs in vegetable based capsules (NO Gelatine – vegan and gluten free). We use vegetable based capsules (not gelatine), no fillers are used, only 100% pure, organic, whole powdered herbs in amber glass jars (no plastics).

Now available in two sizes of either 100 or 50 capsules/jar size!


Please scroll down for our list of supplements and formulas.


Herb50 Capsules100 Capsules
Alfalfa Capsules$18.50$35.95
Amla Capsules$18.95$37.95
Andrographis Capsules$21.95$42.95
Apple Cider Vinegar$25.50$49.95
Astragalus Capsules$21.95$42.95
Ashwaganda/Withania Capsules$22.95$44.50
Barley Grass Capsules$18.50$35.95
Beetroot Capsules$18.50$35.95
Bee Pollen Capsules$23.95$46.95
Bilberry Capsules$22.95$44.95
Bitters Digestive Formula Capsules$26.95$52.95
Black Cohosh Capsules$21.50$41.95
Black Current Capsules$24.95$48.95
Black Cumin Seeds (Nigella)$17.95$34.95
Black Walnut Capsules$21.50$41.95
Bladderwrack Capsules$18.95$36.95
Boswellia Capsules$24.95$48.95
Brahmi (Bacopa) Capsules$23.50$45.95
Brindleberry (Garcinia Cambogia) Capsules$20.50$39.95
Burdock Capsules$21.95$42.95
Camu Camu$21.95$42.95
Cascara Sagrada Capsules$19.95$38.95
Cats Claw Capsules$21.95$42.95
Cayenne Capsules$17.95$34.95
Catnip Capsules$21.95$42.95
Celery Seed Capsules$19.95$38.95
Chaga Mushroom Capsules$25.50$49.95
Chlorella Capsules$22.95$44.50
Cinnamon (true) Capsules$19.50$37.95
Comfrey Root Capsules$20.50$39.95
Dandelion Capsules$21.95$42.95
Devils Claw Capsules$22.95$44.95
Dong Quai Capsules$21.95$42.95
Elderberry Capsules$23.50$45.95
Eyebright Capsules$22.95$44.50
Fenugreek & Garlic Capsules$19.95$34.95
Fo-Ti-Teng Capsules$21.95$42.95
Gaurana Capsules$20.95$39.95
Ginkgo Capsules$19.95$38.95
Ginger Capsules$19.95$38.95
Ginseng Siberian Capsules$23.95$46.95
Goldenseal Capsules$33.95$65.95
Gotu Kola Capsules$21.95$42.95
Grapefruit Seed Capsules$24.95$48.95
Gymnema Capsules$19.95$38.95
Hawthorn Berry Capsules$22.95$44.95
Herb Robert Capsules$21.50$41.50
Hibiscus Capsules$21.90$42.95
Hoodia Capsules$24.95$48.95
Holy Basil (Tulsi)$21.90$42.95
Hops Capsules$21$40.95
Horsetail Capsules$19.95$38.95
Horny Goat Weed Capsules$19.95$38.95
Hypericum (St John’s Wort) Capsules$20.50$39.95
Kelp Capsules$18.95$36.95
Kola Nut$21.50$41.95
Lion's Mane Mushroom Capsules$27.95$54.95
Lucuma Capsules$20.50$39.95
Maca Capsules$22.95$44.95
Marshmallow Root Capsules$22.50$43.95
Milk Thistle Capsules$21.00$40.95
Moringa Capsules$21.95$42.95
Motherwort Capsules$19.95$38.95
M.S.M & Vit C Capsules$22.95$44.50
Mucuna Capsules$20.50$39.95
Nettle Capsules$20.50$39.95
Noni Capsules$21.00$40.95
Oat Straw Capsules$21.95$42.95
Olive Leaf Capsules$22.95$44.95
Pau d’ Arco Capsules$22.50$42.95
Passionflower Capsules$22.50$42.95
Pine Bark Capsules$27.95$54.95
Red Raspberry Capsules$21.50$40.95
Reishi Mushroom Capsules$21.50$40.95
Rhodiola (Rose Root) Capsules$23.95$46.95
Rosehip Capsules$21.50$40.95
Sarsparilla Capsules$22.0$42.95
Saw Palmetto Capsules$22.95$44.95
Schisandra Capsules$24.50$47.95
Senna Capsules$19.95$38.95
Shark Cartilage$21.90$42.95
Spirulina Capsules$21.90$42.95
Star Anise Capsules$21.90$39.95
St. John's Wort (Hypericum)$20.50$39.95
Stinging Nettle Capsules$20.50$39.95
Suma Capsules$21.90$42.95
Tart Cherry Capsules$23.95$46.95
Tribulus Capsules$19.95$38.95
Triphala Capsules$19.95$38.95
Tulsi (Holy Basil) Capsules$23.50$44.95
Premium Tumeric and Black Pepper Capsules$23.50$44.95
Uva Ursi Capsules$21.50$42.95
Valerian Capsules$21.50$42.95
Vitex (Chaste Berry) Capsules$22.50$43.95
Wheatgrass Capsules$17.95$34.95
White Willow Bark Capsules$21.50$42.95
Wormwood Capsules$20.50$39.95
Yellow Dock Capsules$21.50$42.95
Yucca Capsules$21.50$42.95

Please remember to ask for guidance from herbalist, Donne, on dosages, based on your condition, body weight and age. We are all different. There is no one does that suits all and we want to get the dose that is right for you!



Our supplements contain no fillers or additives, only 100% pure, organic, whole powdered herbs and vitamins/minerals.


Supplements50 Capsules100 Capsules
Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA)$42.95$85
Magnesium Glycinate$22.95$44.95
Quercetin + Vit C$38.50$75.95
Vitamin C and Bioflavonoid Powder$22.95$44.50




Herbal Formulas50 Capsules100 Capsules
Acne Formula Capsules$23.95$46.95
Anti-anxiety Formula Capsules$24.95$48.95
Anti-inflammatory Formula Capsules$25.95$49.95
Anti-Viral Formula Capsules$25.95$49.95
Cognition and Memory Enhancing Formula Capsules$24.95$48.95
Deep Sleep Formula Capsules$26.95$52.95
Echinacea & Vitamin C Capsules$22.95$44.95
Eye-Strengthening Formula Capsules$25.50$49.95
Lung Formula Capsules$25.50$49.95
Menopause Hormone Balancing Formula$24.95$48.95
Parasite Formula Capsules$25.50$49.95
Pain Formula Capsules$25.95$49.95

*We sell empty vegetable capsules and dried herbs, should you wish to make your own herbal capsules.

*Empty capsules are $8.95 (per 100) size 0

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