Exfoliant Mandarin Body Scrub for smooth, silky skin!


Scrub away winter dryness, for today it’s spring!

This delicious scrub is so invigorating and you will love how your skin feels afterwards! It’s super easy to make so go nab yourself a few ingredients and give it a try!!




What you will need

250gm raw sugar
250ml pure avocado oil
2 tsp aloe vera gel
6 drops pure essential oil of mandarin

What to do

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix together. Place entire mixture into a suitable container and voila…you’re done!

i never said i didin't want no scrubs
Scoop this sumptuous product into your hands and gently scrub areas required…or if you don’t have trouble spots…just scrub everywhere! This scrub works like a mask, so leave it on for 5 minutes then rinse away with warm water, leaving you feeling smooth and soft!

Enjoy! Donna x

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