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Day 2: Horny Goats Weed for Libido Enhancement

Horny Goats Weed- it Stands by its name…  This ancient herb has been used for more than 2,000 years in Japan, China and Korea to assist with sexual impotency and dysfunction. By channeling blood flow to the genital areas this powerful herb effects the dilution of blood vessels, allowing more hormone enhancing blood to reach the sensitive tissue areas. It helps to lower blood pressure, increase libido and may reduce cholesterol levels when taken appropriately. It also improves immune function and stimulates the cells that build bone- so as well as assisting sexually Horny Goats Weed can be beneficial as […]

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Day 3: Dragon Oil to Find a Soulmate

   Don’t Have a Valentine? We Can fix that too!!   We Stock Dragon Oils in store- of all kind, In Particular we have a soul-mate blend. Consisting of beautiful oils you can wear on your body or dab on your lover of choice, Don’t believe us- we have countless testimonials of our customers  finding the man or women of their dreams. Made with etheric high vibrations and a love spell…xxx    

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Day 4: Sensual massage Oil

  No need to leave home… Are you in need of a good foot rub, or are the hubby’s muscles aching for your touch? Physical touch is so important in a relationship- And for some it can be there love language and the way they show their love. You don’t have to be a qualified masseuses to give your lover a therapeutic massage, Just make up the oil, slather it on and let your fingers do the rest of the work. There are no hard and fast rules, soft, slow and sensual are all key words here- but not too […]

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6th Day Chocolate Bath Milk

  FORGET LOVE, I’D RATHER FALL IN CHOCOLATE What girl doesn’t love Chocolate! And maybe you enjoy the odd bath? Why not combine the two. For our Men readers- You can get in your partners good books by running them one of these delicious and sumptuous baths! The aroma of Chocolate has great aphrodisiac qualities and endorphin enhancing properties. Goats milk is absolutely beautiful on the body, and is the closest of all the milks to your skins natural PH level, making it excellent for even the most sensitive of skin. Your skin will drink up this beautiful bath milk…sending […]

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It’s 7 Days until the Day of Love- Also known as St. Valentines Day, even though here at Cottage Hill we don’t buy into westernized holidays we do endorse celebrating your love for the ones nearest and dearest to you-And most importantly loving your body by taking care of it! So we decided to do a 7 Day Ritual, a series of informative recipes and posts about various things you can do in preparation- to pamper and preen your gorgeous body- making you feel like Cleopatra herself.    

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