Botanical Butters


These gorgeous butters may be added to a wide range of product formulations or used as a stand alone butter, carrying the unique properties of each herbal extract contained within the butter. They are rich in a wide array of plant nutrients, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Extremely stable and long lasting, these butters may be used as emulsifiers in gels, lotions, creams, lip balms, eye balms, baby care, lotion bars and hair products. They are smooth , silky and soft on the skin, whilst also inhibiting a graininess and crystallisation in many products when combined with other ingredients.


They give not only a unique stability to your products, but also assist with evenly distributing the other ingredients used within each formula; acting like a transport mechanism. They are suitable for the most sensitive of skins and carry a safety level similar to organic beeswax, so may be used for baby and baby products with utmost safety.








Butters are currently available in 100gm jars. Please get in touch to order and for prices.

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Aloe Vera Butter – $27.95 x 100gms
Rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C and E, zinc, fatty acids, 20 minerals for correct enzyme function, amino acids and especially lignins which are responsible for aloe vera’s strong ability to penetrate up to 7 layers deep.  For more aloe vera benefits, download our free e-book on aloe vera

Arnica Butter – $32.95 x 100gms
We have gently extracted the wonderful anti-inflammatory properties of organic arnica flowers into this butter which is helpful for bruising, sports injuries, swelling, arthritic pain and many general pain conditions.

Birch Leaf Butter – $28.95 x 100gms
An excellent anti-inflammatory herbal butter used for gout, rheumatic and arthritic pain. It helps to eliminate toxins and uric acid buildup from joints. Birch Leaf has cleansing and detoxifying properties.

Boswellia Butter – $28.95 x 100gms
For pain of muscles, joints, arthritis. Skin healing.

Burdock Root Butter – $29.95 x 100gms
One of the foremost detoxifying herbs for acne an also helpful for eczema and psoriasis as it assists the body to eliminate waste substances. It is a great liver cleanser and is helpful for arthritis.

Calendula Flower Butter – $29.95 x 100gms
A very useful skin remedy, suitable for all broken and damaged tissue. May be used on everything from babies bottoms to cradle cap, cracked nipples, varicose veins, acne, itchy skin, psoriasis, dry eczema, cracked heels or added to creams and lotions etc..

Cinnamon Butter – $28.95 x 100gms
Assists with infected skin, respiratory problems when used in balms, chest rubs etc. It helps clear congestion and raises vitality. Lovely in men’s products, scrubs, exfoliates, balms and other butter combinations.

Clove Butter – $28.95 x 100gms
Excellent for pain formulas. May be used as is with the addition of pain relieving essential oils or combined into creams, lotions, scrubs, balms etc…

Comfrey Butter – $29.95 x 100gms
Wound and skin healing, repairs damaged tissue due to its high allantoin content. Very helpful for eczema and other dry skin conditions. Assists with collagen enhancement.

Coffee Butter – $28.95 x 100gms
This butter smells divine and is stimulating and awakening when feeling worn down. Great in sugar scrubs, exfoliates, butters, balms, creams and more. A great wake up butter!

Emerald Butter – $29.95 x 100gms
For eczema, psoriasis, skin rashes, dry, itchy and inflamed conditions. Contains chickweed, comfrey and plantain extracts.

Gotu Kola Butter – $27.95 x 100gms
A skin regenerator, helpful for improving tone, texture and appearance. Assists with ageing, lines and wrinkled skin conditions.

Horsetail Butter – $28.95 x 100gms
Highly silica rich, this lovely butter is excellent for skin issues, wounds, eczema, itching, psoriasis etc. It may be rubbed into cuticles and nails to strengthen the entire nail bed. Also effective for cracked heels, hands and skin generally. Use alone or add to other bases.

Heirloom Rose Butter – $29.95 x 100gms
A wonderful natural rose scented butter produced from our own organic fragrant roses here at the Cottage Hill Herb Farm. Safe and gentle to use alone or added to other bases.

Hibiscus Butter – $29.95 x 100gms
Hibiscus is the natural botox plant! This plant has the ability to firm, lift, improve elasticity and moisture levels. It is extremely anti-aging; speeding up cell turnover and flexibility, creating smoother, fresher and younger looking skin. Hibiscus is a botanical source of A.H.A.’s (alpha-hydroxy acids) which assist natural exfoliation, acne and protects from free radical damage. It is also high in Vitamin C, anti-oxidants and antho-cyanins. Hibiscus is one of THE BEST and most powerful anti-aging herbs available.

Kawakawa Butter – $29.95 x 100gms
Assist with inflammation, pain, wounds and skin irritations.

Lobelia Butter – $29.95 x 100gms
Lobelia relaxes muscles, tight strained, overworked and painful areas of the body from many causes. Good for sprains, pulled muscles, shoulder pain and back leg pain.

M.S.M. Butter – $29.95 x 100gms
M.S.M (Methylsulfonymethane) is an organic form of naturally bio-available sulphur. It is an anti-aging beauty mineral. M.S.M. soften cell walls to create healthy elastic cells, so lines, wrinkles, scar tissue and dark skin patches are all reduced and softened considerably. M.S.M. creates tissue pliability and helps to form healthy joints, tendons and ligaments. It can significantly reduce pain and assist to prevent cartilage breakdown and muscle damage. The Mineral Information Institute affirms that organic sulfur is used to construct almost every part of the human body – cells, tissues, bone, hair and especially skin. Use direct to area needed most.

Marshmallow Butter – $29.95 x 100gms
Highly mucilaginous, skin soothing and nourishing – especially useful for thin, dry skin conditions. Marshmallow root is used to create this butter and when beaten into your cream bases it produces a highly nourishing, silky and marshmallow like plumpness in your base that feels wonderfully smooth and gentle on the skin. Firming, plumping for thin, worn and dry skins as well as dry aged conditions.

Menthol Butter – $28.95 x 100gms
Wonderful for respiratory and chest issues. Helpful for asthma, breathing, sinus problems and general pain.

Nerve Pain Butter – $39.95 x 100gms
A highly recommended complex formula to assist in dealing with chronic pain and nerve conditions.

Oat Butter – $28.95 x 100gms
Wonderfully silky soft and nourishing oat butter leaves a protective shield over skin surface where applied, affording longer term protection and relief from itching, eczema, psoriasis and very dry skin conditions. A very healing, gentle and safe butter that may be used alone or added to bases etc.

Sandalwood Butter – $29.95 x 100gms
A gorgeous orange/red butter which cools and calms hot skin conditions safely and effectively. Sandalwood assists inflammatory conditions, sweating and can be used on sores, ulcers and wounds. May be used with clays for cooling, calming masks for inflamed conditions, being cleansing and heat reducing. Sandalwood is gentle and regenerating.


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