Cacao Butter Raw – Organic


This raw unrefined form of Organic Cacao is much loved in chocolate making and for raw food ingredients, and may be used in place of Coconut Oil. Excellent for use in skin care products, especially for sensitive and very damaged skin problems, cracking and splits in skin. Great for scars, stretch marks, eczema and chapped lips. Highly nourishing and emollient.

$15.00 per 100gms


Cocoa Butter


A solid fat from the roasted seed of the Cacoa plant. It leaves a silky, softening and very lubricating effect on the skin. Good for scars and stretch marks. It is high in vitamin E. Has a melting point of 33-35 degrees Celsius. Use a double boiler and melt very gently. Useful for all skin types, body butters, creams, lotions, masks, soaps, shampoos and conditioners.

$13.95 per 100gms

Mango Butter


Cold pressed from the seed kernels of mangos, it is highly prized for its ease of skin absorption. Being highly emollient and very moisturising it helps to restore flexibility and reduce degeneration of skin cells, high in essential fatty acids and melts at skin temperature. Rich and luxurious for use in body butters, lip balms, skin creams and lotions. Is beautiful in soaps.

$13.95 per 100gms


Shea Nut Butter


Soft ivory butter obtained from the shea nut kernel. A rich creamy and extremely moisturising butter that is very gentle on the skin. It soothes and helps reduce skin irritation, revitalizes dryness and protects the skin from harsh weather conditions. Is helpful for eczema, dermatitis and burns etc. Contains allantoin, vitamin A, cinnamic esters and is naturally high in phytosterols, making it beneficial as an anti-inflammatory. Beautiful to use in creams, lotions, eye balms, lip balms, lip glosses, body butters and soaps.

$12.95 per 100gms


Olive Butter


Beautiful rich, smooth creamy texture moisturizing butter that contains vitamins and  minerals. This butter has excellent emollient and antioxidant properties making it a natural moisturizer. Olive Butter has good spread-ability on the skin, making it ideal as a massage butter or body balm. Can be added to  creams, lotions, lip balms, body butters and more.  

$13.95 per 100gms


Peach Butter


Peach butter  moisturizes dry skin and helps to retain the skin’s elasticity, making the skin soft and supple. The butter is good for massage as it is penetrating and easily absorbed into the skin. Rich in antioxidants an very soothing for inflamed and damaged skin, helps to relieve eczema and psoriasis. Can be used in skincare formulations or used as a makeup remover.  

$12.95 per 100gms


Raw Kokum Butter


A beautiful rejuvenating, highly nourishing butter with an amazing ability to rejuvenate skin cells to combat fine lines and wrinkles.  It eases age spots and is especially helpful for sensitive and damaged skin. It carries high levels of anti oxidants and is antibacterial and anti inflammatory. Excellent also in hair products and for assisting with hair loss. Kokum butter is very high in Vitamin E and E.F.A’s and is a very stable butter with many, many skincare and hair care applications possible.

$12.95 per 100gms


Babassu Butter – Certified Organic


A very soft butter that becomes liquid at 20degrees Celsius.
Taken from Babassu seeds, this beautiful butter has outstanding skin softening properties and is a rich source of healing fatty acids, providing a non-greasy protective layer over skin surfaces.

It is truly amazing for eczema, burns, sunburn or any skin problem where heat is involved. When Babassu comes into contact with these areas, it draws out the heat, creating a soothing and cooling effect over the damaged area. The butter penetrates easily and provides suppleness and nutrients to the skin.

Offers quality slip in massage balms.
Babassu has an anti-foaming action and is a natural alternative to dimethicone.
Enhances spread ability of finished products.

$15.50 per 100gms.

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