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stillHydrosols are pure water distillates of the specific plants. They are used as toners and for inclusion into your skin creams, lotions, ointments, and hair care products.

They carry not only the pure water particles of the plant, but are also rich in pure essential oils, as we do not separate out the essential oil portion – rather we leave all parts intact to create a very pure, richly fragrant and highly effective organic hydrosol.

Some are available only seasonally (i.e. where the flowers, seeds etc are available from the garden).

All hydrosols are available in 100ml bottle only.

We stock the following Hydrosols.  Please email Donna@cottagehillherbs.co.nz to place an order – or phone (04)5264753.  A payment may be made by bank deposit, credit card or by snail mail.

All of our hydrosols are now $12.95 each.

Please Note: Prices are subject to change without notice.


Organic Hydrosols:




As a hydrosol Bay is cleansing and toning, especially useful for congestion of the lymphatics. Very anti-bacterial and antiseptic, useful as a spray for acne and problem skins. May be added to products for muscle aches and pain and for virus infections, mouth ulcers etc. A great hydrosol for bad breath and infections of mouth and throat, use as a spray and/or gargle. Warm, spicy odour.
Burdock Leaf
As a hydrosol, Burdock is wonderful as a spray or wipe for problem skin, especially acne. As a detoxifying hydrosol, it assists the skin to eliminate waste products. Externally it is effective for boils, eczema, and psoriasis and may also be taken internally for its detoxifying properties. May also be added to lotions, creams, toners and all hair care products.


Calendula hydrosol assists with the layering effect in creams and lotions being created for damaged skin conditions of all types. It may also be used internally to assist the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins which assists the skin to clear out the debris. Calendula is the universally safe, soothing herb for all skin problems.
Lightly fragrant and like the oil, used topically for assisting the breakdown of cellulite and fat. Add to creams for this purpose. Great in shampoo and conditioner for thinning hair as it is a regenerative for the arterial system. Helps to detangle hair and add shine and lustre, great for animal coats also.
Chamomile hydrosol is a most effective anti-inflammatory whether used externally or internally. Helpful for almost all skin diseases, but also excellent for menstrual problems and asthma. It has quite an effect on stress reduction and relaxation, due to its effects on the central nervous system. May be used as an eyewash for conjunctivitis, for teething in babies or pets and generally to calm and quiet the body. Use in skincare products of all forms or as a spritz. Limited availability.ChickweedThis amazing super herb is packed with 400mg Calcium, 178mg Magnesium, 280mg Potassium, 140mcg Selenium, 8.5mg Iron, 40mcg Chromium.Chicory RootHas major restructering benefits which enables mature and or dehydrated skin to recover its epidermal (outer) barrier, allowing it to revitalise and repair its ability to hold moisture within the cellular structure.
Gorgeous deep cinnamon scent, has a balancing effect on the nervous system and very helpful for extreme stress. This is a stimulating hydrosol for both body and mind. Excellent for infectious skin conditions, acne etc.  May be used as a wonderful aftershave or added to creams, lotions, soaps etc. Anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal
Cistus (Rock Rose)
A musky and balsamic hydrosol that is regenerative, healing, anti-bacterial and immune stimulating. Assists with itchy skin conditions, shingles, chicken pox, measles etc. Helpful for heavy menstruation, fibroids and endometriosis pain. Also chronic disease and colic. Add 2 tblsp to 1 litre water and drink. Protects the spiritual self and dissolves deep blockages.
A beautiful spicy, warm and woody scented hydrosol with an uplifting and stimulating effect. Very anti-infectious, so makes a great sick room spray to keep germs at bay. Great for mouth, gum and tooth problems and for easing pain. Use alone or add to your products
Comfrey hydrosol is an excellent all round cell regenerator and tissue healer, when used topically. Effective for skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, burns, rashes and for soothing dry irritated skin. Comfrey is high in mucilage so dramatically adds moisture and moisture holding properties to inflamed, dry and irritated tissues. May be add to creams, lotions, soaps, hair care or simply spritzed regularly to enhance dull, tired skin types.


A lovely, gentle, slightly floral hydrosol, with immune-boosting properties if taken at the first sign of a cold. An excellent circulatory stimulant that greatly benefits the skin, especially very sensitive, mature and lined skins. Soothing, balancing and healing with skin rejuvenating properties. Excellent as a toner or for adding to skincare products.


This aniseed flavoured and scented hydrosol is useful for bronchitis, and respiratory problems. Helpful for constipation, gas and bloating if taken orally. Can also be helpful for cystitis. In skincare products, it is excellent for lines and wrinkles, helping to firm and tighten lined and aging skin. May be added to creams, lotions, eye products, or used as a toner. Do not use in pregnancy!
This beautiful oriental style hydrosol has been in use for more than 5000 years for its value in the perfume, incense and skincare industry, where it gives a particular allure to anything it is added to. When used as a fine mist toner, it almost instantly gives the skin a noticeably finer texture. It helps with oily and problem skins and where there is any pus present. Assists lines and wrinkles and may be added to all products.


Used in all kinds of cosmetic products. It has antiseptic, astringent, deodorant, styptic and tonic actions. It is also antifungal and antibacterial, it assists wounds, bruises, acne, eczema & psoriasis
Stimulates circulation, acts as a carrier when taking vitamin and mineral supplements. Treats digestive complaints, indigestion, nausea, colic, wind, relieves travel sickness symptoms and beneficial to intestinal infections. Helps high blood pressure and induces sweats, reduces fever and great for coughs, colds and flu’s.
An excellent antioxidant, diuretic and astringent, useful for urinary tract problems, cystitis and kidney flushing. Effective against the candida fungus for throat and nasal catarrh. Very anti fungal.



Silica rich, excellent for the immune system, skin, hair and nails.Hibiscus


A beautiful protective hydrosol to assist with pain and inflammation of many forms, including of the spirit. May be used as is, added to water and taken orally. May be sprayed onto wounds as an anti-bacterial, added to bath water or used in creams, lotions or ointments.



Lemon Verbena
The most popular herbal tea with an intense lemon flavour and aroma. Very high in vitamins A, B and C, valuable for settling upset tummy, for coughs and colds, for fatigue and to cleanse the body. It promotes restful sleep and helps prevent tooth decay. Only a few leaves are required for a delicious herbal tea. A great herb for pot-pourri’s, sachets and sleep pillows. Also great for culinary use in milk or rice puddings, ice cream, jellies, cakes, muffins and slices

Has a great soothing and calming effect on the body and mind.

Contains a large amount of Vitamin C and flavonoids, which assist in stimulating digestion and therefore breaking down food molecules. It eases constipation and assists weight loss. Powerful antioxidants are present and the natural oils are beneficial for skin when used either orally or in skincare products. Very high in minerals, vitamins and nutrients – Lime helps to heal ulcers and haemorrhoids and may be added to many skincare products.


An excellent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, especially useful for treating acne and skin infections such as impetigo (school sores) and many other microorganisms that effect the skin. Research has shown in laboratory tests that it is effective against 39 separate microorganisms. Use as a wash, spray or in creams and lotions, hair products, for lice, eczema, nail infections, tinea, ringworm, bed sores and cold sores.

A must in all kitchens. Also used for colds and flu’s, having antiseptic properties. Good mouthwash for mouth and throat. For tension headaches and muscular pain. Also available as an essential.
Melissa is calming and gentle, even for small children. An excellent anti – inflammatory and a good anti – oxidant, which is suitable for eczema, rashes and skin irritation. Most useful for anti – aging and after – sun preparations and for fungal conditions.
Wonderful as a breath freshener, for nausea and headaches. For promoting digestion. Soothes the stomach and settles nausea indigestion and inflammation when swallowed. In skincare, it cools the feet in creams and lotions. Is an excellent additive to cleansers and products where itching is an issue. May be used in food products, cocktails ice creams and drinks generally.
Also known as MethylSulfonylMethane, an organic form of Sulphur, which is one of the basic elements of life. M.S.M’s most significant actions are:- analgesic (pain controller), relieves inflammation, dilate blood vessels and increases blood flow, helps restore normal bowel activity, reduces muscle spasms, reduces scar tissue, anti-parasitic, helps rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, scleroderma, allergies, muscle problems, asthma, carpal tunnel, emphysema, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, acne, pain, cell vitality, connective  tissue and joint flexibility, hair, skin and nail improvement and much more.
The principle ingredient of moxa. May be taken long term to improve digestion function and absorption of nutrients. Also encourages elimination of worms. Also antiseptic and used to treat malaria. Magical herb.


Floral, fruity, refreshing and luscious, Neroli is a major anti stress and calming agent. An excellent antibacterial and antifungal and is useful when the skin is detoxifying. Helps to clear irritations, acne and oily skin. Do not use on dry skin.


Medicinally, it is helpful for colds, asthma, coughing and general respiratory problems. Research suggests that it can prevent premature ageing of cells and can be used to combat ‘free radicals’ an excellent herb in geriatric cases. Do not use in quantity during pregnancy.


Plantain will neutralize the stomach acids and normalize all stomach secretions; it clears the ears and head of mucous. It neutralizes poisons and is very useful in treating chronic lung problems. Very healing with wounds when topically applied – also neutralizes itchy bites.
Excellent for the digestive system, relaxes the gut muscles, reduces nausea, colic, pain and wind and soothes an irritable bowel. Helps diarrhoea and relieves spastic colon. Also relieves headaches and migraines. Also available as an essential oil.


Warm, subtle, floral Rose aroma. Calming and soothing for all skin types
Powerfully antioxidant – a mental and physical stimulant. Promotes healthy, shiny hair and is promising for conditions of mild hair loss, itchy scalp and dandruff. Excellent in creams and lotions for stimulating circulation and for pain, arthritis etc.


Great for throats, gum problems, ulcers and as a gargle. A nerve tonic. For irregular periods. Reduces sweating and hot flushes. Used to treat asthma. Useful for weaning babies as it will dry up breast milk.
Relieves fever, thirst, stops sweating, and is good for almost any inflammatory conditions and for cleansing the blood. Externally the oil or paste can be used for most infections sores or ulcers. Excellent in mud packs, masks etc.
Excellent for increasing the flow of digestive juices and bile. Reduces nausea, colic, pain and wind and soothes irritation of the bowel.Star Aniseed

Sweet Orange
Sweet Orange is beneficial for soothing dry, irritated or acne – prone skin. It has regenerative properties and can be used for treating aging skin, and rough or calloused skin. Use in skin care, massage, baths and ointments


Turmeric with Black Pepper
Helps remove the carcinogens that smoking creates in the body. A powerful anti-inflammatory herb. Also anti-parasitic.


White Sage – $16.95
The spiritual energy cleanser. Wonderful for use in room sprays, for meditation work and for cleansing of negative energies surrounding the body or within the home.


Yarrow eases aches and pains, is anti – inflammatory and may be used for varicose veins and haemorrhoids in creams and lotions. Yarrow helps with problem skin, acne and dermal infections. And is excellent for animal use.

Ylang Ylang
Ylang Ylang is popular for its balancing and softening effects in skin care. Commonly classified as an aphrodisiac, because of its ability to reduce stress and anxiety




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