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10 Days of SuperFoods Coming Soon

Here at Cottage Hill Herb Farm we are SUPER Excited to be able to bring to you a wealth of knowledge about our popular Super-food Powders available in store and online. Coming soon is our daily blog for ten days starring a Super-food Powder or Blend per day. Weather you are wanting health benefits, skin benefits or even a beautiful powder to add to homemade beauty products we will showcase all the many ways and uses so you can get the best from our Powders! They are an affordable, essential addition to any weight management program as the y provide […]

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Silica For Health, Skin, Hair and Nails

A high Silica Diet is most important when our bodies feel completely broken down. It is important for aiding: -Impotence and  sexual weakness -Hair growth -Nail Problems -Sores and wounds -Weakened and inflamed Ulcerated linings of canal walls -Fatigue and Mental stress -Debility and Lameness -Sore thighs and weak lower limbs -Itching feet, gristly joints -Kidney pain -Hair loss -Pus ailments -Stiff neck Great for people who are constantly hair twirling, picky and have habit forming behaviors like nose picking.   Silica protects the body and skin. It acts as an insulating agent, helping us to keep and retain our […]

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Deodorising Powder

This powder is suitable for underarms or smelly feet. Use generously as needed. • 3 Tablespoons Baking Soda • 2 Tablespoons White French Clay • 1 Tablespoon Rosemary Leaf Powder Combine these powders thoroughly. • 4 Drops each of pure essential oils of Ti-Tree, May Chang, Palmerosa, Sage & Sandalwood (Note – these essential oils are part of the deodorising formula & should not be substituted) Grind the essential oils into 1 tablespoon of the powder mix – then mix into remaining powder mixture. Store away from light in suitable container. This mixture works well for both men and women. […]

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Citrus herbal powdered deodorant

• 1 Tablespoon Orris Root Powder • 1 Tablespoon Lemon Peel Powder • 1 Tablespoon Orange Peel Powder • 5 Drops Palmerosa essential oil • 5 Drops Lemon essential oil • 2 Drops Sage essential oil Method: Combine pure essential oils with the Orris Root Powder – grinding well into the powder to ensure no lumps. Add the other powders and combine thoroughly. Store in a sealed container. This mixture gets better with time. Dust under arms using a puff. Note: Always allow body to cool down after bathing, before applying a deodorant.

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