Silica For Health, Skin, Hair and Nails

A high Silica Diet is most important when our bodies feel completely broken down.

It is important for aiding:

-Impotence and  sexual weakness

-Hair growth

-Nail Problems

-Sores and wounds

-Weakened and inflamed Ulcerated linings of canal walls

-Fatigue and Mental stress

-Debility and Lameness

-Sore thighs and weak lower limbs

-Itching feet, gristly joints

-Kidney pain

-Hair loss

-Pus ailments

-Stiff neck

Great for people who are constantly hair twirling, picky and have habit forming behaviors like nose picking.


Silica protects the body and skin. It acts as an insulating agent, helping us to keep and retain our generated heat and muscular electricity.When we lack Silica we feel cold and blame our circulation. Silica is important for protecting tooth enamel, for ligaments, arterial wall, membranous tissue, walls of the throat, lining of the organs, walls of the alimentary tract and skin. Its a powerful antiseptic; it stimulates the physical brain and gives great resistance to the body. It increases working energy, sexual power, endurance and vigor. It improves brain power, makes flesh firmer, joints more elastic and veins stronger.

Studies show that the bodies silica content begins to decline from as early as age 4- with significant loss by age 50 (as much as 75%) Kervans research showing the biological transmutation of Silica to Calcium, which is useful int the treatment of Osteoporosis. is finding acceptance among scientists. An important study, conducted at the school of Public health, University of California, shows the Silica- supplemented bones have 100% increased Collagen over low Silica bones.

The Pancreas is a Silica organ, so Silica is necessary for its repair. If your Pancreas is not functioning well, you wont digest starches and sugars. The undigested starch will create catarrh (ie.) a runny nose and back of throat. Silica lack develops over many years and without it ans associated Calcium- there is a huge lack of motivation, (ambition and initiative is lacking) and without Silica all of your energy and Magnesium is gone. (Such people want someone else to sure them, so they can return to their same old ways).

Silica is needed for the proper functioning of the nerves and fighting the invasion of germs and bacteria. When Silica is in short supply- catarrh, pus discharges, mucous- all of which attract bacteria- develop. Silica carries messages from the brain to different organs and structures. It is needed in every movement and thought. The magnetic element is crucial for every day activity and function.

The life force itself depends on Silica- it controls our vibratory rate. Without it, hair falls out or grows slowly, teeth fade, agility and elasticity of tissues decrease, brain, vigor, PEP, sexual ability and motor energy fails. Silica carries the blood throughout the body. The nerve responses and nervous system must have Silica for flexibility. Without adequate Silica, you cant keep the B Vitamins in the body. Joints, Ligaments, cartilage, bones and brain all need Silica. Silica gives slick to ligaments and nerves. Ulcers of the bowel, tension in the bowel, spasms in the bowel are due to lack of Silica.

Silica is found in peels, seeds, skins and outer sections of nuts, cucumbers, potatoes, fruits, brown rice and whole grains. Our richest source of Silica is the bioavaialable herbs of horsetail (No 1.) Oat-straw, cleavers and alfalfa. These are lovely herbal teas and may be combined or made into tinctures. This vital element needs t o be taken daily. It is also most significant as an ingredient in our skin and hair care products.

Take in the natural form only. All herbal teas except Cleaver are available in our Shop or can be ordered online. Note: Cleavers need to be taken fresh.Horsetail image

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