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Day 4: Sensual massage Oil

  No need to leave home… Are you in need of a good foot rub, or are the hubby’s muscles aching for your touch? Physical touch is so important in a relationship- And for some it can be there love language and the way they show their love. You don’t have to be a qualified masseuses to give your lover a therapeutic massage, Just make up the oil, slather it on and let your fingers do the rest of the work. There are no hard and fast rules, soft, slow and sensual are all key words here- but not too […]

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Our first post in the Ritual Series is about Clay Masks, Something we enjoyed making today with our lovely  ladies at the 2-Day Skincare workshop we are currently  running this weekend. Everything listed in the Ingredients  below is sold at our Cottage Hill Herb shop on Bridge road  and also available to order via email. The Clay’s are very  popular and go in and out of stock- so just ask us. The first step in insuring your as radiant and gorgeous as ever is to start with detoxing and exfoliating the face, Gentle clay’s do both of these things collectively whilst being […]

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Do you want beautiful, luscious, full eyelashes that are thick and healthy? Try our recipe for an Eyelash thickener that is organic, chemical free and will not harm your skin. If you use too much eye makeup and mascara it causes the feather like lashes to break and become brittle- using this product will help to strengthen your lashes if used regularly. Forget Cleopatra- you will be the envy of your friends with this gorgeous product. Apply a small amount often- too much at a time will make your lashes stick together.  All ingredients are available in the shop to purchase […]

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Anti – Cellulite Oil Using a double boiler and gentle heat over 5 hours (see infused oil info on our website for more in depth instructions on creating herbally infused oils). Place 1 part Calendula Flowers, 1 part Rosemary, 1 part Juniper Berries and 2 parts Birch Leaf (all dried herbs), cover with Sweet Almond Oil and heat as per instructions, stirring occasionally for 5 hours. NOTE: It is very important not to heat the herbs and oil at too high a temperature, turn heat off and on often to maintain a very gentle heat throughout the processing time. Strain […]

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250gm Organic Moisturising Base Cream 10ml Aloe Vera Liquid 3ml Horsetail Tincture 10ml Comfrey Glycerite 8ml Calendula Oil 5ml Organic Castor Oil 2ml Neem Oil 5ml Stinging Nettle Tincture 1.5ml Tumeric Pure Essential Oil 2ml Benzoin TinctureNatural Preservative: 23 drops Citricidal C   Combine all of the above ingredients in a bowl and mix very well till all liquids are well mixed. Sterilise pots with alcohol or other sterilising formula. Place into pots. Makes 5 x 50gm pots. This safe blend of herbal extracts has a very effective healing effect on eczema, dry itchy skin and may be safely used […]

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