Herbal Products for Pregnancy and Babycare – One Day

During this creative one day workshop, you will learn which herbs are suitable and safe to use during pregnancy and early childhood. There are so many herbs that can help you to give your little one the safest and healthiest start to life, and did you know that herbs can even assist you with having an easier childbirth? Wether you are just trying or are a seasoned parent, the herbs that we will introduce to you will offer  wonderful benefits.

During the class we will be looking at herbal teas to assist with easier childbirth, better milk supply and baby colic issues. As for products that you will create and take home, these include:

Nappy rash balm

Stretch mark massage oil

Cracked nipple cream

Oils and creams for assisting baby sleep and colic problems.

PLUS a silky, scrummy-dummy shea nut butter soap for yourself and baby.

All in all this herbal collection will give you peace of mind during your pregnancy and will sprinkle some organic, herbal love all over those early days with your little bundle and beyond. The products that you will make and take home have a total value of $260!!!



The Details!

Date: Sunday May 26th

Time:       10:30am – 5:30pm
Fee:         $385.00 inclusive of all materials and products made

Enrollment form and deposit are required to secure your place.

Download your enrollment form HERE

NOTE: Please book early. Class numbers and strictly limited with places usually booked out early. Enrollment form and deposit required to secure your place. We recommend Tranquility Homestay and Spellbound Homestay to our out of tow

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