Did you hear the joke about the peach?


Featured Herb - Peach Leaf


Peach leaves are a relaxant and an anti-inflammatory that are particularly helpful for the urinary tract, kidney and for problems like cystitis. The leaf is also cooling and soothing to hot, red, itching skin conditions, allergies, scalp irritation and also stomach upsets such as nausea and cramping pain. It is a simple remedy for nervous, restless and over stimulated types with tangled nerves – I’m sure you know someone who applies here! It will also work for over-excitable children.

I recently started drinking peach leaf tea before bed, and I have to say I am hooked! I am loving the restful, soothing deep sleep that it creates and I highly recommend you give it a go. Simply drink a cup before bedtime. Now is the time to be harvesting, so just pick the leaf straight from your nearest peach tree! If you can get hands on some of the leaf, why not make a tincture, an infused oil or just dry the yummy tasting leaves for a herbal tea or to be used in tea formulas!


If you don’t have a peach tree around, you can buy it from us in various forms (simply e-mail me with your order donna@cottagehillherbs.co.nz).

Restful slumber everyone!


Donna x



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