A Herbal Remedy for FLEAS!


Pesky fleas irritating your beloved pets this Summer?

Try our natural and pet friendly remedy made by Donna Lee.

All herbs are available to purchase online and in our store- Cottage Hill Herb Farm




1/2 Cup of NEEM POWDER


10 Drops of Pure essential NEEM OIL


Method: Mix all powders thoroughly together. Take 1/2 Cup of the powdered mixture and grind the essential Neem oil into it using either a mortar pestle or the back of a spoon. Add the other half of the mixture.

When fully blended place the mixture in a glass jar for storage.  Apply a generous sprinkle to the coat of your Cat or Dog and repeat  approximately every 5 days for the most effective treatment.

Note: Fleas eggs hatch every 5 days so it is important to treat your pet in line with this cycle, This includes sprinkling the bedding and blankets as well.



About the Ingredients:

Diatomaceous Earth- This hardworking algae cuts into the fleas skin helping assist in eradication.

Neem Powder- This lovely herb is very gentle on skin and effective at preventing the parasite from reproducing therefore reducing egg hatches.

Garlic Powder- Helps deter parasites away from the hair and skin with its sulfuric properties.

Neem Pure Essential Oil- A highly concentrated oil that greatly enhances the effectiveness of the blend.




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