Arthritic Joint Pain Massage Oil


Arthritis and joint pain is caused by stagnant fluids, uric acid and the build up of sediment around the joint. Excellent pain relief may be obtained by massaging this oil into the affected area. Circulation improves as the joint area is cleansed and soothed with this unique oil combination that assists in removing metabolic wastes via the lymphatic system whilst relieving pain at the same time.

To make 100 ml massage oil:

  • 30% Castor oil – organic cold pressed
  • 30% M.S.M. infused oil
  • 20% Kawakawa infused oil
  • 10% Tumeric with Black Pepper infused oil
  • 10% Magnesium oil
  • 30 Drops Tumeric pure essential oil.

Blend all ingredients in amber glass bottle. Massage painful joints 3 times daily.


All ingredients available from Cottage Hill Herbs or if you don’t wish to make the product for yourself, you may order the complete oil from us. You can purchase by emailing

Check out the detailed M.S.M. article on our website.


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