At the end of Summer there is much to do in the Garden to prepare for Autumn than Winter. The Garden has lost its bloom and freshness, tasks are orientated towards tidying summer’s growth. There are many perennials to be cut back, annuals to be removed, seeds to be harvested and the last leaves and flowers to be picked for drying. This is the best time for gathering wild fruits and berries, making jams, jellies, pickles and stewing fruits to be frozen. You may be able to find; Plums, Apples and Blackberries, rose-hips, wild strawberries, cherry plums and elderberries are coming off the end of the season ripe and ready to be picked. Fennel, Horehound, Pot Marjoram and Thyme are some herbs that can also be picked in the wild- so go on an adventure and forage for some delicious finds!


  • Cutting back
  • Weeding
  • Watering
  • Harvesting
  • Drying

Remove spent and dried stalks from Anise hyssop, Atemisas, Calamint, Camphor, Catmint, Catnip. Comfrey, Feverfew, Lovage, Marjoram, Mint, Sweet Cicely, Tansy and Tarragon. Some of these will go completely dormant in winter while others will survive as low mats of leaves. It is also a time to trim the straggling branches and old flower heads off small twiggy plants such as Hyssop, Thyme and Winter Savory. The larger bushes of Llavendershould be cut back to main stems. Remove all remaining Annuals and cut back old growth from plants such as Fennel. Lemon Balm and Winter Mint. Dig up Garlic and store in an airy place. Horseradish can also be dug and stored. Watering should also be done as the ground may be very dry and the roots are producing fresh growth so they still needs lots of water. A layer of mulch can be laid down to control weeds and conserve moisture, as you wonder round the garden select remaining leaves, flowers and seeds.

Enjoy the bright Orange and Burnt Red Leaves coming drying and falling off the naked branches, embrace the cooler breeze dancing around your ears, listen to the crunch under your feet- Autumn is here, there is much to do and much to experience…


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