Body Butter Ingredient Information

The following butters may be added to almost any skin or body care product to improve moisturising, slip, texture, nourishment and for a soft, smooth buttery feel in certain products

Is one of the most commonly used butters, being relatively inexpensive overall, providing silken softness, lots of slip (so excellent in massage waxes.) cocoa butter softens and lubricates the skin, being most beneficial in eye balms, lip balms, lipsticks, eyelash creams, lubricating products, emollient creams and soaps. Cocoa butter is a solid fat, expressed from the seeds of the cocoa plant. A vegetable product suitable for vegan products. We have both organic and non organic cocoa butters in store.

Cold pressed from the seed kernels of mangos, it is highly prized for its ease of skin absorption. Being highly emollient and very moisturising, it helps restore flexibility and reduce degeneration of skin cells. High in essential fatty acids and melts at skin temperature. Rich and luxurious for use in lotions, creams, lip balms and body butters. Beautiful in soaps.

Cold pressed from the wonderfully healing and health giving olive fruit, this beautiful butter has high antioxidant and emollient properties. It contains natural essential fatty acids and unsaponifiables – this butter is an essential for anti-aging products. Very spreadable, making a wonderful massage butter. Olive butter is a lovely natural moisturiser and may be used in lip balms, eye balms, creams and lotions, body butters and especially for anti aging products. Available in our store.

Has similar qualities to aloe vera gel and liquid, being anti-inflammatory and deeply penetrating. In creams, lotions etc, it helps the absorption of all of your ingredients to the tissues. Very soft and with a low melting point, it soothes and helps heal dehydrated and inflamed skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, sunburn and windburn. It may be used on its own or added to creams, lotions, lip balms, eye balms, body butters and healing products. Use 5-7% in a formula. Reduces scar tissue. Available in our store.

A solid fat pressed from the avocado pulp. This butter is one of the most nourishing and penetrating of all the butters. Very high in essential fatty acids and nutrients and suitable for all skin types, especially dehydrated, dry and thin skins. Suitable for all skin creams, lotions, massage products, lip balms, eye balms and body butters. Available in our store.

Due to the gentle and fragile nature of vegetable butters, it is most important to always gently heat your choice of butter, in a double boiler (never in the bottom of a pot) until melted. Do not over heat, nor under heat – as this may result in tiny granules forming in any product a butter is added to, if heated incorrectly. Always allow your melted butter to cool slightly before adding to your cream base, the addition of a butter to any cream base will always result in a thicker cream, as some butters produce more thickening and density than others. If you are creating body butters, salves or balms, your choice of vegetable butter is added as part of your solid portion of the recipe and all solids, including the butter melted together in a double boiler very gently, with your oils.

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