Cayenne – yes, we are talking about our common kitchen spice cayenne in its dried form (not cooked). “Cayenne the wonder herb” – with a huge list of attributes and applications – so lets look at just a few of the things that cayenne can help with…

Bleeding: Stops external bleeding in its tracks – simply sprinkle a light coating into and over cuts and wounds to stop bleeding and take the shock out of the wound.

Heart Attack / Emergency Situations: Obviously one must seek medical help in these cases – but until help arrives – a pinch of cayenne powder on the tongue is most effective for both humans and animals. It is capable of reviving one quite dramatically, especially with heart attack cases.

Blood Builder: Cayenne is a blood building tonic herb, helpful in improving iron levels and building up “tired blood”. It is quickly and easily assimilated throughout the bloodstream, running the blood hotter and thinner and dramatically improving circulation and overall health in the process. Strengthens the circulatory system, blood vessels and veins and encourages blood to the extremities. It gently dilates capillaries which increases body warmth and blood flow. Great herb for varicose veins, haemorrhoids and poor circulation problems such as sinus congestion and some digestive conditions. Enhancing circulation increases the bloods ability to flush through the joints, organs and other body tissues. In other words, it flushes toxic waste deposits from these areas.

Colds & Flu: Cayenne can clear stuffed up sinuses, head colds and flushes toxins out of the system. Makes recovery much faster.

Gum Problems: A small amount of cayenne on your toothbrush stimulates circulation to all the oral tissues – especially the gums. Used regularly it helps prevent bacterial build up and flushes out accumulations of harmful bacteria. Cayenne tightens loose teeth and dramatically improves gum health when used daily. Your mouth will tingle and sting slightly when you first try this, but the improvement in oral surfaces is fast and effective with cayenne and dental bills will reduce greatly.

Throat: Cayenne is a very potent throat gargle – it helps clear the toxic mucous from the throat tissues and increases circulation to the area which helps flush out infection. Cold pineapple juice makes a great base for the cayenne powder, because the enzymes and acidity of the juice contribute to clearing the throat of mucous and bacteria. (Use 1/8 teaspoon cayenne to 1/2 cup juice.)

Scalp & Hair Problems: Make a hot oil infusion of cayenne, strain and bottle. Massage this oil into scalp as often as desired (leave on overnight) or use at least weekly – to stimulate hair growth and clear up dandruff by the stimulation of circulation to the scalp. Add shampoo directly to scalp afterwards. Do not wet hair first – in order to clear the oil more effectively.

Heart Tonic: Cayenne helps strengthen and tone the heart muscle, aids heart palpitations, increases stamina and overall strength and balances circulation. Digestion improves and overall energy increases with daily, regular use.



To use cayenne – start with a pinch in juice or water and gradually increase dosage up to 1/2 teaspoon, 2 to 3 times daily, tolerance increases slowly. One may also use cayenne capsules – again starting with 1/2 capsule and slowly increasing to 2 capsules x 2 daily, or use cayenne in tincture form.

NOTE: Do not take with blood thinning medications. Check with your health care professional for other prescription medication interactions.



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