Conditioning Lip Balm

I don’t know about you, but this is one of those times during the year when my skin really needs a little extra moisture – especially my lips! So today I am sharing with you a beautiful and mega simple recipe for a lip balm that will bring some much needed silkiness back into those lips! And you can share with your friends!

keep balm and carry on

What you will need

20gm Cocoa Butter
12gm Shea Butter
23gm Beeswax
46gm Jojoba Oil

What to do

Using a double boiler, gently heat all ingredients until completely combined and melted. Pour the mixture into a hot, clean jug and then pour into tubes or pots. You will want to add a flavour or an essential oil of your choice to personalize this lip balm. If you go with essentisal oil only a couple of drops is needed, but  if using flavours then you will want 6-8 drops depending on flavour. This easy recipe is great for last minute gifts, or you could just keep it all for yourself :))

Go forth and moisturize!

Donna x

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