Diploma of Natural Skin Care 2014 Announcement

Cottage Hill Herb Farm is pleased to announce its 2014 Diploma of Natural Skin Care course starting in March 2014…

The Education Centre at Cottage Hill Herbs has been at the forefront of hands on education for more than 40 years. We pride ourselves on the many students who have established successful businesses and product ranges after completing our study programme. This year we are again proud to offer…

The first course of its kind available in NZ on natural skin care. Now in its seventh year.

    • A very comprehensive course which explores just what “really” constitutes “pure and natural” skin care in both the commercial sector and the home industry market.
    • You will learn the devastating effects on health that the thousands of chemicals used in today’s skin and body care products may produce. We consume up to 15kg per person per year of these toxic products – by application to skin, hair and mouth – with often an unseen and cumulative effect on our bodies, minds and spirit.
    • You will learn to understand skin structure, various skin problems and disease – how nutrition impacts skin structure and health, and how to create a glowing radiant skin using your own beautiful skin care creations.
    • The potential for pure NZ made skin care products is huge. Natural products are still hard to find commercially with demand increasing day by day.
    • This course will set you on a path to creating your own unique range of pure, natural skin and body care products – free of synthetic chemicals and preservatives.
    • Ideal for massage therapists, beauty therapists, day spa operators, hair dressers, naturopaths, herbalists etc. – who wish to provide pure natural therapeutic products to their clients , or for those who wish to earn additional income by providing natural skin and body care products to friends and family, or those who wish to supply their own unique skin care range to commercial outlets, and for those who simply wish to know what they are “really using on their body”, and prefer to create their own.

  • You will learn to rejuvenate your own skin with herbs, vitamins, precious oils and other valuable botanical products.
  • You will learn to grow and process many herbal ingredients for your skin care use. You will make from the garden many raw ingredients for your product range.
  • You will learn to individualise your own creams and lotions for specific skin conditions and to create exciting and beautiful formulas for your skin care range.
  • We cover packaging, labeling, logos and marketing your own products along with the business opportunities.
  • A year’s course designed to encourage and inspire you to create quality natural skin care products to rival those found in the most exclusive department stores and shops.


Modules Covered

    • Herb identification, collecting, wild crafting and processing.
    • Creating raw materials for inclusion into creams, salves and other bases.
    • Creating herbal oil infusions
    • Creating herbal glycerites
    • Creating herbal tinctures
    • Infusions and decoctions, compresses and liniments.
    • Distillates: Making pure hydrosols from flowers, barks, fruits, herbs, spices and resins.
    • Clays and their therapeutic use in skincare.
    • Vitamin and mineral extracts in skin products.
    • Plant based emulsifiers: Cocoa butter, mango butter, shea nut butter, also beeswax, and macadamia wax in formulation.
    • Creating salves, lip balms, lip gloss and eye balms.
    • Scrubs, masks and exfoliants, using sugars, pumice, walnut shell, apricot kernels, clays, rosehips, goat’s milk, oatmeal and diatomaceous earth.
    • Rejuvenating skincare herbs: How best to grow them in your own garden.
    • Gelling ingredients and formulation.

    • Using gels in eye gel, hair gel, skin gels and incorporation into other formula.
    • Tooth and gum health. Tooth powders.
    • Cold pressed oils, their individual properties and usage.
    • Massage oils, skin oils, hair oils, bath oils, and medicinal oils.
    • Cleansers: Cream, lotion and oil formulas.
    • Emulsification techniques using vegetable based emulsifiers.
    • Formulating your own unique base creams for individual product ranges.
    • Children, baby and pregnancy products.
    • The usage of herbal tinctures in skincare.
    • Deodorants: Roll-on, sprays and solid stick types.
    • Making perfumes: Solid and roll-on.
    • Colognes, splash colognes and after shave.

  • Hand and nail care: Formulating products for cuticles, nails and hands.
  • Hair and scalp health: Making shampoo, conditioner, hair oils, waxes and masks. Treating scalp and hair problems herbally.
  • Hydrotherapy: Formulating bath teas, bath salts, bath milks, syrups, bath meringues and melts.
  • Bioavailable plant based collagen sources and extraction methods.
  • Nutrients and herbal capsules for treating skin problems and for skin rejuvenation.
  • Herbal treatment of acne.
  • Moisturisers, creams and lotions for individual skin types.
  • Body butters and body mousse.
  • Facial steams and washes.
  • Herbal foot care.
  • Preservatives from nature.
  • PH testing in skincare.

During this exciting year’s course you will create and produce more than 60 unique, individual products to take home. We supply you with beautiful recipes that have been thoroughly tested and also show you how to create and/or adapt recipes for your own specific product needs.

All products produced over this year are yours to take home with no further cost to students.

Students are required to complete given assignments in their own time between each class.
The school year consists of one year part time classes conducted one full weekend per month. Strictly limited to 8 students only. (Please book early).

Fee: $3,990 per year (Inclusive of all materials needed for products formulated).


March – 8th and 9th
April – 12th and 13th
May – 10th and 11th
June – 7th and 8th
July – 12th and 13th
August – 9th and 10th
September – 13th and 14th
October – 11th and 12th
November – 8th and 9th
November – 29th and 30th

10:30am – 5:00pm

Enrolments close as soon as course is filled

All enrolments must carry completed enrolment form with deposit.  Please click here to download an enrollment form.

Venue: This course is held at the Cottage Hill Herb Farm located at 2 Bridge Road, Birchville, Upper Hutt. Please click here for driving directions to Cottage Hill Herbs in Upper Hutt

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