EAT SUNFLOWER SEEDS & STOP SMOKING American nutritionist, DR J Douglas suggests the following – but raw shelled sunflower seeds and carry some with you.
Whenever you get the smoking urge, reach for a handful of seeds instead.
The more …munching you do the less smoking you will do.
Sunflower seeds provide energy for the brain and they perk it up.
In addition, they stimulate the output of various glands, including the adrenals and decrease allergic reactions. Dr. Douglas says sunflower seeds also stabilise the nerves. The oils are calming and their vitamin B content help rebuild the nervous system.

Note: Magnesium and Thiamine are also very helpful when one is giving up smoking. 100gms of sunflower seeds contain: 24gms protein, 47gms unsaturated vegetable fat, 120mgs calcium, 837mgs phosphorus, 38mgs magnesium, 7.1mgs iron, 920mgs potassium, 1.96mgs vitamin B1, 23mgs vitamin B2, 5.4mgs vitamin B3, 1.25mgs vitamin B6, 31mgs vitamin E, as well as trace minerals of zinc, manganese, copper and chromium.

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