Green Coffee Beans (Raw Organic)

Green Coffee Beans

These are the beans that have not been roasted or processed. They contain a higher amount of a natural chemical ‘Chlorogenic Acid‘ which is thought to affect with the weight loss, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart diseases. Green coffee bean extracts burn fat by enhancing and boosting the overall metabolic rate and burns fats and excessive adipose tissue. It achieves this by altering the means in which glucose in the blood is absorbed as well as inhibiting the need to overheat (by killing the urge).

They enhance concentration and attention span whilst enhancing brain activity and creating higher levels of energy. They boost liver detoxification and assist this overburdened organ to purge fats along with toxins. Simply grind and encapsulate to take in pill form on a regular basis for best results or may be added to skincare scrubs and exfoliants.

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