Herbal Butters

New vibrant spring grown herbs are perfect for making herb butters. These are delicious in sauces or on steak, fish or other meats. The also give wonderful instant flavour to a myriad of vegetables or pasta dishes and or scones, pikelets etc.

A basic recipe is:

  • 50 gm butter (creamed)
  • 1 tbsp. fresh and finely chopped herbs
  • Salt and pepper to taste (optional)

Once well combined, shape into any of the following and freeze till needed:

  • Rolled into a sausage shape, wrap in grease-proof paper or aluminium foil and freeze (slice pieces off as required).
  • Roll into balls and freeze, removing one or two when needed.
  • Creamed herbal butters may be pushed into moulds which can be then frozen and released for unique shapes and textures.
  • Roll out the creamed chilled herbal butter like a dough and cut with cookie cutters for interesting designs and shapes then freeze.

Some suggestions

Herbal_butter_lemon balm

Lemon BalmOne of my personal favourites for so many dishes.


Garlic: Goes well with everything.


Garlic & Thyme or GarlicRosemaryOr any of your favourite herbs.


BasilGreat with pasta.


ParsleyMint & GarlicCan be used for eggs, peas, beans, carrots, fish or chicken dishes.


Caraway Seeds (lightly crushed)Can be used in cabbage, potatoes or bread.


Orange or Lemon Rind (grated)For use in scones and pancakes.


Chives: Blends with any other herbs and may be used for many dishes.


Scented GeraniumsFor use in scones, waffles, pancakes, toast or cakes.

The possible combinations are almost endless. These wonderful butters make great gifts for the cook who has everything or to have handy in the freezer.

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