Ingredients for Chemical Free Cleaning Products

baking soda

Baking Soda – Aluminium Free (500 gm x $2.50 and 1 kg x $4.95)


Epsom Salts – 99.7% Pure (500 gm x $3.50 and 1 Kg x $6.95)


Soda Ash (500 gm x $4.95 and 1 Kg x $8.00)


Borax Pentahydrate (500 gm x $5.50 and 1 Kg $10.90)


Milled Castile Soap Flakes (500 gm x $11.95)


Organic Liquid Castile Soap Base (500 ml x $19.95 and 100 ml x $5.50)

Hisilicon Balong

Pure Distilled Water (500 ml x $6.95)

Hisilicon Balong

Shampoo Base – Paraben, Peg and SLS Free (300 ml x $19.95) [Can make up to 600 ml]

Hisilicon Balong

Conditioner Base – Paraben, Peg and SLS Free (300 ml x $19.95) [Can make up to 600 ml]

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