Minerals found in these dried herbs

400mg Calcium, 178mg Magnesium, 280mg Potassium, 140mcg Selenium, 8.5mg Iron, 40mcg Chromium

Confrey Leaf
600mg Calcium, 24mg Calcium, 565mg Potassium, 40mcg Selenium, 0.4mg Iron, 60mcg Chromium

Nettle Leaf
966mg Calcium, 286mg Magnesium, 583mg potassium, 70mcg Selenium, 1.4mg Iron, 130mcg Chromium

630mg Calcium, 145mg Magnesium, 520mg Potassium, 40mcg Selenium, 4.1mg Iron, 10mcg Chromium

272mg Calcium, 172mg Magnesium, 403mg Potassium, 110mcg Selenium, 3.8mg Iron, 50mcg Chromium

(Pedersen 1994)
As you will see from this list of just a few common herbs – their content is amazing. I have only listed some of the minerals here and have not included vitamins because their retention is dependant upon your processing method. Apple cider vinegar extracts will concentrate vitamins and minerals, decoctions will contain them but alcohol tinctures will only concentrate the mineral portion – not the vitamins, but will extract the medicinal aspects of most herbs.

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