Pet Care with Herbs

Animals, especially household pets such as cats and dogs benefit from a change in diet once in a while, especially one that is additive free and natural. Animals with skin problems, allergies, diabetes, kidney and liver problems will all benefit from a more natural food diet.

Stop That Scratching!
Flea treatment for cats and dogs is most effective using essential oil of Ti – Tree. For cats, dilute Ti – Tree into a carrier oil (Calendula is great) and rub into area at the back of the neck and base of tail twice weekly. Dilution rate is 34 – 40 drops to 50ml carrier oil. (20 drops = 1ml approx.) For dogs, Ti – Tree may be used diluted, or used in the final rinse water after shampooing. 5 – 6 drops Ti – Tree in tub of clean water, Ti – Tree may also be added to your pets shampoo for effective flea control. 34 – 40 drops to 250ml shampoo. Shake bottle well before use.

Ti – Tree is anti – fungal and a great dissolver of pus, so is the number one choice for animal to animal bites and for wounds that become infected. Abscesses may be avoided completely or cleaned up by using Ti – Tree. May be used neat to wound or diluted in water (warm) to bathe wounds. Also great for ringworm and sores – for mudrash in horses and for lice in horses and goats etc. Use in strong solutions in a shampoo for lice treatment, for mudrash, combine with cider vinegar and dab onto affected areas. Ti – Tree diluted in warm water in an atomizer bottle may be used to disinfect kennels, cages and bedding areas. Ti – Tree is now the choice of the Australian debt of Agriculture for the washes required for all animals entering Australia.

Calendula is another most valuable herb for use in animal treatments. It is available as a tincture, an oil, an ointment, and pure essential oil. The tincture is effective for the bathing of wounds that are dirty. The oil is amazing for regenerating new cell growth in open wounds. Do not use on infected wound sites or abscesses, (clean up with Ti – Tree first) and then use calendula to close and heal the wound. It heals quickly and is extremely safe in any area. Great for skin problems, eczema’s, hot spots, rashes, cut pads etc. for major rips and tears, soak wound with calendula oil and cover with gauze or muslin and bandage to hold fleshy parts together. Healing is rapid and calendula eases the pain. May also be used to heal stitch lines, to minimize scar tissue and to promote rapid granulation in any wound site.

Dog shampoo
• 150ml Shampoo Base (additive free)
• 3ml Aloe Vera liquid
• 15gm Wormwood dried
• 10 drops Horsetail tincture
• 150mls of water
• 15 drops pure essential oil of Ti-Tree

Cook the Wormwood in the 150mls of water by placing in saucepan and simmering gently (lid on the pot) for approx 15 – 20 mins. Strain the liquid through a sieve and allow to cool. Add Aloe Vera, Horsetail tincture to the shampoo base, then the cooled Wormwood liquid and lastly the Ti-Tree essential oil. Shake and cap. This is a gentle but effective shampoo for some skin conditions and flea control.

Dog conditioner
• 150ml Conditioner base (additive free)
• 3ml Aloe Vera liquid
• 15gm Wormwood dried
• 10 drps Horsetail tincture
• 150mls of water
• 3mls Neem oil
• 15 drops pure essential oil of Ti-Tree

Cook dried Wormwood,strain and cool as for the shampoo. Add Aloe Vera, Horsetail and neem oil to the conditioner base, then the cooled Wormwood liquid and lastly the Ti-Tree essential oil. Shake and cap. Helps with skin problems, flea control and makes the coat soft, silky and with a beautiful shine.

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