Pure Sodium Bentonite Clay

A 100sodium bentonite clay% pure unbleached clay used primarily as a detoxing agent for baths, scrubs, body wraps etc to absorb toxins via the skin. Sodium bentonite is a swelling form of clay and can expand up to 15 times its volume. Due to its swelling capacity, this form is not to be taken internally. Primarily it is used for external clay baths for the entire body or in foot baths to help rid the body of poisons and toxins and it is especially helpful during the time of illness. It assists with chemical toxins, heavy metals and impurities. As a clay that swells considerably when mixed with water, it becomes highly porous and acts like a sponge drawing the toxins through electrical attraction and then binding them. It assists by absorbing the toxins and releases its minerals for the body to use. It also helps in getting oxygen delivered to the cells. Sodium Bentonite has been proven to assist in soothing skin and allergy problems and it provides heaps of minerals such as silica, magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium and iron.

To make this clay, you will need to slowly mix it with water. Don’t add all the water at once or else it will form lumps and that solution does not work very effectively. Add a little amount of water and start mixing, to form a slurry. You may need quite a lot of water and keep on mixing until the consistency is created that you require for your application. This means that if you are using it as a body wrap then obviously, it needs to be thicker than if you are adding it to a bath or a foot bath.

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