The Leaves: of the wild rose when dried make a good substitute for tea. The petals and the fruit are still regarded as a useful heart tonic. Red roses increase the retentive faculty – they can be used as a gargle. Rose water made into syrup with Elderberries is excellent (and delicious) for sore throats, coughs and colds.

Rosehips: are the richest source of Vitamin C f…rom the plant world (especially rich are the hips from the Rugosa Roses) – although all rosehips contain various levels of Vitamin C plus bioflavonoids which help prevent the destruction of Vitamin C in the body by oxidization. Simply split the rosehip and cook gently in water for 15 minutes. Drink hot or cold.
Rose Vinegar: place sweetly scented fresh rose petals in a jar and cover with pure cider vinegar. Seal it and keep in warm position for 3 weeks. Strain – this tastes wonderful on fruit salad. Other uses are for a wonderful energizing effect on the body – pour at least a cup full of this vinegar into the bath. Relax and enjoy.

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