1 Cup boiled distilled water
2 Drops tincture of benzoin
22 Drops Rose pure essential oil

Method: Add above ingredients to the boiled hot water. Allow to cool and bottle in attractive glass containers. This produces a beautiful superior quality rosewater that is one of the best skincare treatments for dry, inflamed, mature or sensitive skin as a toner, refresher and skin balancing treatment.

It may be used for cleansing the face and for prevention and elimination of wrinkles. There is simply nothing better than rosewater for daily skin treatment. Also effective for the treatment of acne and blackheads with disinfecting properties. It improves the complexion, controls sebum production and skin PH, diminishes open pores and is useful in the treatment of dermatitis, and is an excellent skin antibiotic.

Rosewater has skin softening and hydrating properties when used regularly. Maybe used in atomiser bottle and misted onto the skin as often as required, or gently wiped over face and neck several times daily.

NOTE: It is important to use all of the above ingredients as specified.

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