Simple Base Cream

*16gm Vegetable based emulsifying wax
36 ml cold pressed apricot oil (or your choice of oil)
148 ml herbal water extract
4 drops rosemary oleoresin (an antioxidant and preservative)

1 candy thermometer for checking the temperature
1 stick blender
1 double boiler
1 saucepan
pots for containing cream

To make the herbal water
Herbal water is made as a herbal tea infusion or decoction (simmered gently in water) using dried and preferable whole herbs- not tea bags. Some choices may be-
Chamomile- soothing, gentle and anti-inflammatory
Plantain- for problem skin
Gotu Kola- regenerating
Neem- eczema and psoriasis
Rose hips- Soothing, regenerative and vitamin C rich. Improves cell structure.

Steep 1 generous tablespoon of your chosen herb to 3 cups boiling water in a non-metal teapot for 10 minutes. Strain thoroughly and measure 148ml into a saucepan for later use.

To make the base cream
Measure/weigh the emulsifying wax and oil into the top of the double boiler. Place water in base, then the herbal water into another saucepan.*
Bring both saucepans to a temperature of 65 degrees Celsius.
Once both saucepans are heated equally, very slowly pour the melted oil/wax mixture into the water portion, while beating with the stick blender continually.
As the mixture cools, it will thicken. Beat into the consistency of well whipped cream
Leave overnight. During this time, the mixture will thicken much more.
Add 4 drops of rosemary oleoresin to assist the shelf life.
You now add 200ml of a beautiful base cream to which other ingredients may be added and from this you can make skin creams, body butters, body lotions or healing ointments- depending on your choice of further additives.

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