Sinus Congestion and/or head cold stuffiness

A sure fire remedy to open up congested passages is to place a large menthol crystal in a cup of boiling water – close your eyes and inhale deeply.

This is an extremely effective method to open stuffy and thickened passages in the head.

Once the water cools, the menthol will crystalize again – the water may be poured off and the process repeated using the same cup and the same menthol.

NOTE: Menthol crystals are extracted from the pure essential oil of peppermint and are available in our store.

  • Menthol flakes may be ground finely and added to toothpowder for a refreshing breath freshening effect – approximately ¼ teaspoon menthol to 1 tablespoon of toothpowder.
  • Menthol flakes are extremely cooling, penetrating and effective as an anti-inflammatory in ointments and salves for pain relief. (Recipes in this issue)

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