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Mango Scrub

58gms mango butter 25mls coconut oil (liquid) 2 tsp walnut shell powder or jojoba beads or pumice powder 8 drops may chang essential oil Melt mango butter and coconut oil together gently in double boiler until combined and melted. Remove from heat and allow to cool until just starting to thicken. Add walnut shell powder and mix until thickened to desired texture. Add may chang essential oil and place in containers. NOTE: the texture of this scrub may be altered by adding more of the walnut shell powder, or less – depending on how much exfoliation is required. May chang […]

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Recipes For Incorporating Vegetable Butters

LAVENDER BASIC BODY BUTTER ½ part beeswax 1 part shea butter ½ part cocoa butter 1 part sweet almond oil Essential oil of lavender Very gently melt beeswax, shea and cocoa butters together in top of a double boiler. Add sweet almond oil and heat all ingredients gently until well combined. Turn off heat and remove top boiler from water. Allow to cool slightly and pour into prepared pots. Add essential oil of lavender and stir until well combined. (do not cover pots until body butter is set.) BELLY BUTTER Good for stretch marks, pregnancy – to help prevent stretch […]

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