The Amazing Pain Relieving Properties of Vitamin B-6



Vitamin B6!! This amazing vitamin can achieve so much for so many conditions, it is beyond the scope of this article to cover them all – but I will endeavor to touch on most of them. The effectiveness and versatility of this interesting vitamin are certainly impressive, if not entirely surprising. Vitamin B6 is one of the most heavily worked co-enzymes, a group of small molecules that act as keys turning on and off most biochemical reactions. B6 deficiency appears to be on the rise (as are most B vitamins). People today seem to need far more of this vitamin than in previous generations. The dosage required for correction of many conditions that respond to B6 supplementation needs to be quite large at around 250mgs per day. Remember that no B vitamin can be taken in isolation, so a B-complex taken at the same time is an absolute requirement. Dosage at this ratio is very safe with many doctors now recommending its use in high dosage for certain conditions. Many books have been written about the wonders of this vitamin – take a look in your local library for some general reading!
So 2B or not 2B? Take a look at this list  and you’ll see it’s a pretty easy question to answer!!

Considerable relief from this condition is usually obtained by the second to third month of taking this vitamin. Dramatic improvement in mood swings, crying spells, headaches, bloating and puffiness, and cravings are observed.


More than adequate amounts of B6 are required to promote normal brain development and to prevent some birth defects. It aids in the treatment of nausea and vomiting of pregnancy, toxemia and gestational diabetes. It has been proven that B6 prevents many complications of pregnancy. It’s also safe.

Many symptoms of depression are alleviated with B6. It is well documented that large doses of B6 raises the neurotransmitters, especially serotonin and this is also necessary in hyperactive children, eliminating their symptoms in some cases. Postpartum depression may also be eased by B6. Some women become B6 deficient during pregnancy. (B12 and Folate are also required here).

Diabetics have difficulty transporting glucose into their cells. As a result, their blood sugar level remains elevated but their cells are starved for fuel. Diabetes can be caused by either insulin deficiency or insulin resistance. Careful diet is one of the best ways to control blood sugar and B6 appears to improve glucose tolerance in many cases. It helps prevent the diabetic from developing neuropathy, infections and hardening of the arteries, eye problems are also improved. People taking insulin need to discuss B6 supplementation with their Healthcare Professional.


A study conducted on asthmatic children with moderate or severe asthma over five months required significantly less cortisone, suffered less wheezing, coughing and chest tightness and generally were able to breath more easily. Changes were noticed in one month with a dose rate of 200mgs per day.

The nutrient deficiencies most frequently associated with anemia are iron, folate, B12 and B6. Folate deficiency is probably the most common cause of anemia in women taking oral contraceptives – the pill, however also causes B6 deficiency.

Modern drug therapy doesn’t eliminate the cause of the arthritis in most cases, it merely relieves the symptoms temporarily. The potential side effects of anti-inflammatory drugs are also a major cause of concern. In a study by Dr Ellis, who treated thousands of patients with the following symptoms; swelling, numbness, tingling, reduced sense of touch in fingers and hands, and pain in the finger joints, which impaired hand movements and weakened the grip. Pain and stiffness in the shoulders and elbows, swelling and or pain in the knees, the muscles between the shoulders and elbows, or the arms and chest. Muscle spasms in the back of the legs and arches of the feet, locking of the finger joints and restless legs. Treatment with B6 relieved pain and swelling and was most effective in the middle-aged women with Herberden’s nodes and arthritis of the interphalangeal joints (the middle group of knuckles). Relief began after several days and progressed as the B6 treatment continued. The vitamin relieved elbow pain and improved finger flexion in about six weeks. Nocturnal arm paralysis, muscle cramps, weak grip, and tactile sensation usually improved within two weeks.

carpal tunnel
People with carpal tunnel syndrome frequently show evidence of Vitamin B6 deficiency. When B6 was administered, even in people who had suffered this condition for as long as eight years, their symptoms improved significantly. Studies have shown this vitamin can often be more successful than surgery – but improvements may take as long as three months to respond to B6. Personally I can absolutely vouch for the effectiveness of high dose B6 – it cured my problem after two years of use and gave absolute pain relief in approximately one month of use. I no longer suffer from this most painful problem, thanks to B6!!

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Please note:
When taking this vitamin a dose rate of 1(250mg) tablet once daily is needed along with 1 B-complex per day. This dose of B6 is very difficult to obtain as most available supplements are only around 30mg, which is completely useless at that ratio. We carry an excellent 250mg tablet in our shop at a reasonable price, as well as a good B-complex.


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