This little piggy went to market…This ones in your cosmetics…


So after the Bacon where does the rest go?  The slaughter industry has a big problem with the by-product  of fat they amass in their factories. They try to sell this off in many different disguises and by law they don’t necessarily need to declare where it has come from. According to Richard Lutwyche, a British pig farmer, “in the U.K big commercial farms send their pigs to abattoirs. The abattoir will find different markets for all the by-products” he says. “Everything they can’t sell they have to incinerate which costs the company money.”

A pig can be used in up to 185 products including Ice cream, whipped cream, sweets and paint. Parts of the pig are also used in liquid shampoos and liquid soaps, a lot of which are sold in most popular shops. Animal fats are also used in solid soaps as the fatty acids from the bone act as a hardening agent and give the product colour.

Most glycerine based moisturizers also contain fatty acids from bone fat as they make a cheap product. Generally if you buy a high end cosmetic it will most likely contain cheap pig fat glycerine and parts of the pig are used in face masks along with collagen to help reduce wrinkles and lines.

So what is a vegan/ organic and eco-friendly option? Our store stock a variety of Beautiful glycerine-free products and bases, including shampoo, conditioner, liquid and solid soaps and a full range of gorgeous skin care. Not only will you be choosing a better option for yourself but for the pigs too! 🙂

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