What are Fragrant Oils?



Although fragrant oils are very beneficial and have a myriad of uses, they are synthetic and are not to be confused with pure essential oils which are therapeutic, having medicinal actions. Because pure essential oils are extracted from plants, they must be used with care and knowledge of the plant’s properties. Pure essential oils are expensive and tend to dissipate with air exposure, they also have the potential to irritate the skin when incorrect choice of pure essential oil is made or too much is added to a product.

Fragrant oils on the other hand are available in many grades, some of which are of extremely inferior quality and may in fact be dangerous. Cottage Hill Herbs stock only high quality cosmetic grade fragrant oils, most of which are Phthalate free and suitable for skincare, bath, body, potpourri, perfumes, soap and candle products. High quality fragrant oils contain fixatives and stabilizers to greatly enhance the shelf life of the scent within your products. Fragrant oils have a longer shelf life, they are non-flammable with clean pure scent and many are copies of French perfumes with remarkable similarity to the original high priced perfume of the same name but without the price tag.


Some  of the many uses that fragrant oils may be used for are:

  • As a perfume.
  • In a burner to scent a room.
  • In bath and body care products.
  • In massage oils.
  • In skin and hair-care products.
  • To scent stationary.
  • In soap making.
  • Under rugs and carpets.
  • On pillows and linen.
  • On mattresses.
  • On cotton wool in shoes.
  • In lingerie and sock drawers.
  • On cotton wool stuffed into care seats.
  • In baking soda as a carpet freshener.
  • In and on vacuum cleaners.
  • On cotton wool throughout the linen cupboard.
  • Add to gift packaging.
  • To a spray bottle of water to spray on the dog.
  • To a spray bottle of water as an air freshener.
  • To wash wooden floors.
  • To scent candles.
  • Add to Jojoba oil to create perfume.
  • Add to terry cloth and place in clothes dryer.
  • Scent bookmarks.
  • Add to bathwater.
  • Scent toilet paper.
  • Use for creating long-life potpourri.
  • Rub into wooden furniture and surfaces to create a rich fragrance.
  • Use in hand washing of delicate clothing.
  • Create fragrant jewellery by soaking wooden beads in oil.
  • Make incense.
  • Scent the dog bed.
  • Scent Christmas decorations.
  • Place drops on pine cones.
  • Scent gift wrap and ribbon.
  • To freshen rubbish bins.
  • Place in pot of water on top of stove to eliminate odours.

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