Anti-stress tea!


We all get stressed now and again, some of us more than others! Thankfully nature has everything we need to take the edge off and create a more balanced mood all round! Take this mixture throughout the day and you should receive some relief immediately, with a stronger and longer lasting effect after taking it for two weeks. You can thank me later 🙂

What you will need

25% Withania Root
20% Catnip
20% Skullcap
15% Passionflower…
10% Chamomile
10% Liquorice Root

What to do

Take the Withania and Liquorice Root and gently simmer in 4.5 cups water, with the lid on the pot for 15mins. Remove from heat and add the balance of herbs to the hot liquid. Leave 5 minutes, strain and enjoy. This quantity should be drunk hot or cold during the day – but make sure if you want to reheat that you do not microwave! Opt for the stove top instead 🙂

NOTE: A beneficial effect will only be achieved with approximately 4 cups daily. Use 1 tsp as your percentage measure i.e 25% = 2.5 tsp.

Donna x


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