Bath Salts for Circulation

Well made bath salts can have a remarkable healing, energizing or detoxifying effect on the body, depending on your recipe. Bath salts may also be used as foot baths for those not able to use a full bath and can be highly effective this way as well. Soaking either way needs to be for at least ½ hour, preferably longer if possible. The addition of dried herbs, French clays, salts, solids, oils and pure essential oils to bath salts changes the therapeutic effects, depending on the activities and benefits of the added ingredients. Please do not be tempted to add food colours to your bath salts as these may be quite toxic to some people and may also stain your bath. Colour may be achieved with totally natural ingredients, such as dried herbs, many of which have strong colours (such as beetroot powder, chlorophyll etc) or with beautiful French clays or natural dye ingredients.- all of which are available from our online shop. NOTE: We also carry Epsom salts and baking soda in 1kg amounts.

This particular bath salt recipe is helpful for all kinds of circulation problems, including acne. Now that the weather is getting colder, some of you may be really feeling the affects of poor circulation, with cold toes and fingers plaguing you for months at a time. Baking soda reduces acidity in the body and is excellent for rheumatism, pain, gout, eczema and psoriasis. Epsom salts is magnesium sulphate, which deeply relaxes muscles and tissues. It is also helpful to draw toxins from the body. Most helpful for all types of pain, anxiety and tension. This recipe could really give your circulation a great boost this winter – so gather some ingredients and give it a try!

What you will need

1 cup Epsom salts

1 cup bi – carbonate soda (baking soda)

20gm rosemary – dried

20gm birch – dried

20gm thyme – dried

10 drops rosemary essential oil

10 drops lemon essential oil

What to do

Add the essential oils to a small amount of baking soda and using a mortar and pestle in order to grind the essential oil into the powder.  Keep this to the side for now. In the same way, mix and grind the remainder of the ingredients (the powders and the dried herbs) until they are well dispersed. Now you can add that small baking soda and essential oil mix to the balance and stir it all together well, and that’s it! Simply take your mixture, place into your chosen containers, and use ½ cup per bath.




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