DIY Sports Balm!

Got yourself a little niggle? This is a strong balm that has a cooling and pain relieving effect on sprains, bruising and general sports related injuries. It may also be helpful for other pain related conditions, when used topically.

What you’ll need.

¼ cup Beeswax Pellets

Selection of Essential oils as desired (see list below)

1 ¼ cups oil combination made up as follows:

½ cup Arnica Oil: for pain, bruising and inflammation

¼ cup Tumeric Oil: for pain, inflammation and tissue repair

¼ cup St Johns Wort Oil: for nerves, ligaments and tendons

¼ cup Rosemary Oil: for circulation and pain

These are all infused oils.


What to do.

Combine the beeswax and oil combinations into a double boiler or double boiler type of setup and heat gently until melted and combined. Once it has all melted down, remove from the heat and allow to cool slightly, then add the following essential oils, all noted for relieving pain.

1ml (20 drops) Wintergreen

1ml (20 drops) Clove

1ml (20 drops) Peppermint

1ml (20 drops) Bay

1ml (20drops) Cinnamon

1ml (20 drops) Sweet Lavender

1ml (20 drops) Roman Chamomile

2ml (40 drops) Tumeric

Stir well and pour into a large pot or many smaller pots. This will make 6-8 50gm pots. Allow to cool and set before placing lids on pots. Now lather yourself and get some rest! 🙂

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