Huge drop in price for base cream!

Sometimes the universe gives you a gift. This week it comes in the form of a huge price drop in our base cream thanks to a huge drop in price in ingredients from our supplier! Our pots are now $16.50 for 250g and $32.95 for 650g. That is a full $10 drop in price on a 650gm pot of moisturizing base cream, which means you have no excuse not to try out this simple, easy and beeauuutttiful recipe for an effective and scrumptious aloe and lavender moisturizer.

What you will need
100gm base cream (now available at our brand new lowered price, wooppee!)
4ml aloe Vera liquid
5ml cold pressed apricot oil
5ml hydrosol of lavender
8 drops pure essential oil of lavender

What to do
This is really simple. Just combine all ingredients & mix thoroughly with the base cream . When it is thoroughly mixed, place the mix into pots to use for yourself or hand out to your friends who will be queuing up for it!

What it does
Aloe Vera acts as a catalyst, pushing the other ingredients deeper into the tissues, increasing collagen production smoothing out lines & wrinkles. Who doesn’t want that? It deeply moisturizes through its polysaccharide properties & feeds the skin with its unique range of vitamins & minerals. Very healing, especially along with the soothing lavendar contents: it enhances the skins’ immune system & protects against ultra violet rays.


To order yourself some of this gloriously priced base cream, send an e-mail with your order to or call us on 04-526 4753. We accept credit cards and online payments too! Please note that orders are processed Wednesday – Friday so if you place an order outside of these days you will not receive an instant confirmation. Thank you for your patience, and have fun making your lavender aloe moisturizing lotion!

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