For Burns
The hydrosol adds a significant cooling effect and works synergistically with the essential oil. For severe burns add 15 drops of pure essential oil of Lavender to 100ml of Chamomile hydrosol. Spray onto burns and continue using until healing is complete.

Hair Rinses
Hydrosols can be used as a leave-in rinse after shampoo and conditioning, do not rinse out – dry and style as usual. Hydrosols may also be misted directly onto hair and scalp. Excellent for scalp problems, hair loss, poor growth, itchy and or flaky scalp, and dry hair.

For Halitosis
30 mls hydrosol of peppermint.

Take ¼ tsp at a time to a maximum of 30 mls per day. Repeat daily for 7 days. Great even for pets.

Lotions & Creams
Add from 10% to 30% of your avourite hydrosol to your base creams. The more liquid added – the thinner your base cream becomes. If too thin, add further quantity of base cream to e-thicken.

Skin Spritzer
Using a fine mist sprayer – use your favourite hydrosol sprayed directly onto skin after cleansing. Improves skin tone, texture and health.

Shampoos, Conditioners
Dilute 50% – 70% with hydrosol of choice, for shampoo and less for conditioner. Hair will be totally clean, the acid mantle of the scalp will be preserved – they will feed the hair follicle and condition your scalp and hair will shine and be soft and smooth.

Spray straight hydrosol of choice, either singly or in a blend onto face before applying an oil or cream to skin. This helps skin to stay moist longer, whilst balancing the overall texture and condition. Both substances will be emulsified and rapidly absorbed in the process.

Hydrosols In Stock
Jasmine – Divine scent. Wonderful for skin and hair.
Chamomile – Powerfully calming and comforting, for difficult skin conditions.
Melissa – From lemon balm. Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral.
Lavender – Great for cuts, wounds, burns, sunburn and babies skin.
Watermelon – Soft, gentle scent. Calming and skin soothing.
Bulgarian Rose – Beautiful rich rose smell – adds and retains moisture.
Geranium – Luscious floral, anti inflammatory, good for red skin conditions
Niaouli – Stimulating and antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, sore throats and chest.
Ylang Ylang – Delicious and heavenly sensual, for hair and skin.

Available in 100ml bottles

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