Meet the new darling of mature skincare!

Chicory root. It’s not just a good alternative for coffee…it’s also the new big herb in skincare for mature and aging skin. It has major restructuring benefits which enables mature and or dehydrated skin to recover its epidermal (outer) barrier, allowing it to revitalise and repair its ability to hold moisture within the cellular structure.
Chicory is a rich source of anti-oxidant compounds (phenolics), plus the Organic root contains Oligosaccharides, which when delivered to the skin either by oil or hydrosol, increases collagen synthesis, creating a tightening and skin lifting/firming effect quite quickly. When used daily, the skin responds by plumping up its moisture holding ability.
Chicory root contains Beta-carotene in a natural bio-available form (plant derived), and is a natural anti-inflammatory, which increases elasticity by plumping and hydrating, and helps to fill in fine lines and wrinkles. It softens skin texture and is a MAJOR ANT-AGING herbal ingredient when applied topically and or taken internally as well, as it supports the Liver, which is key to skin health.
Chicory may be taken as a tea, a tincture, capsules, hydrosol or used as an oil topically. For Skincare products, use at a ratio of 10%, and it may be used in creams, lotions, masks, foundations, oils, toners etc etc.
We have chicory root available in all of the forms above! Get yours by e-mailing or phoning your order: OR 04-526 4753
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