Vegan Lip Balm

5-6gm Macadamia Wax 20gm Cocoa Butter 10ml Jojoba Oil 25ml Castor Oil (not supermarket type, only cosmetic grade) 120ml Calendula Oil Flavour of choice or essential oil. Gently heat all ingredients, except flavour or essential oil in a double boiler until melted and well combined. Pour into hot, clean jug, then into tubes or pots then add flavour or essential oil.

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Herbal Cheese

1 cup ricotta cheese 2 tblsp parmesan cheese 1 tblsp white wine 1 tsp tamari or increase white wine by same 1 tblsp chopped chives 1 tsp minced savoury (fresh or dried) 2 tsps minced herbs of choice (Basil, Thyme, Sage, Coriander) or a combination of. Mix ingredients together until well blended scrape into serving bowl – cover and chill at least one hour. Garnish with fresh herbs or chopped chives. This is a great spread for crackers or small sandwiches. For a dip, add extra wine.

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Natural Hair Colouring – For Fair Hair

2tblsp Chamomile flowers Juice of 1 lemon 800 ml boiling water Pour boiling water over chamomile and allow to steep. Strain and add lemon juice. Cool. Shampoo hair as normal and towel dry. Pour liquid through hair, holding head over bowl to collect – pouring through hair several times. Dry hair. Colour change is gradual, so this treatment needs regular applications.

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Thyme Recipes

Thyme Cheese Beat 1/2 tsp of Himalayan salt into 4 cups of plain acidophilus yoghurt. When creamy, pour into butter muslin over a strainer. Gather the ends of cloth – tie together and hang in a cool place for 48 hours. Unwrap the curds and roll into small rounds, then roll in fresh thyme leaves. Place the rolled cheeses in small jars and cover with cold pressed olive oil. You may add chillies, dried peppers, dried tomatoes or garlic to the oil. Leave the cheese in the oil for at least three weeks, though it will keep for months. Thyme […]

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Simple Base Cream

Ingredients *16gm Vegetable based emulsifying wax 36 ml cold pressed apricot oil (or your choice of oil) 148 ml herbal water extract 4 drops rosemary oleoresin (an antioxidant and preservative) Equipment 1 candy thermometer for checking the temperature 1 stick blender 1 double boiler 1 saucepan pots for containing cream Instructions To make the herbal water Herbal water is made as a herbal tea infusion or decoction (simmered gently in water) using dried and preferable whole herbs- not tea bags. Some choices may be- Chamomile- soothing, gentle and anti-inflammatory Plantain- for problem skin Gotu Kola- regenerating Neem- eczema and psoriasis […]

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