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Sports Balm

This is a strong balm that has a cooling and pain relieving effect on sprains, bruising and general sports related injuries. It may also be helpful for other pain related conditions, when used topically. Ingredients: 1/4 cup beeswax pellets 1 1/4 cups oil combination made up as follows – 1/2 cup Arnica Oil (for pain, bruising and inflammation) 1/4 cup Tumeric Oil (for pain, inflammation and tissue repair) 1/4 cup St John’s Wort (for nerves, ligaments and tendons) 1/4 cup Rosemary Oil (for circulation and pain) Note: these are all infused oils Combine beeswax and oil combinations in top of […]

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Restless Leg Formula

Restless Leg Formula 1 cup Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salts) 2 drops Chamomile essential oil 1 drop Sweet Lavender essential oil 1 drop Ginger essential oil Combine essential oils with Epsom salts by placing in a glass jar and shaking together until well combined. Use the above amount in a warm to hot foot bath every night for 7 – 10 days and then several times a week thereafter for optimum results. This mixture if used correctly will calm and settle restless legs and greatly assists with sleep.

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Pain Relieving Herbal Massage Oil Pain Relieving Herbal Massage Oil

50ml Arnica Oil 40ml St Johns Wort Oil 10 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil 10 Drops Rosemary Essential Oil 6 Drops Wintergreen Essential Oil 6 Drops Chamomile Essential Oil 6 Drops Juniper Essential Oil Combine all ingredients into a 100ml bottle and shake well. This wonderful oil soothes aching muscles, sprains and inflamed, swollen and bruised areas.

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Celery Seed For Pain

This is a very old, inexpensive and simple remedy, suitable for many differing types of pain; celery is a rich source of potassium and magnesium, with the added benefits of keeping calcium in suspension in body fluids – minimizing deposition on and into soft tissue. Celery seed is also rich in sodium. When we can achieve optimum balance of sodium and potassium, rock like muscles can relax, ligaments can move fluids through more effectively and relaxation of both muscle and ligaments becomes more balanced. The result is simply – LESS PAIN! The herb lowers the bloodstream’s concentration of uric acid […]

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