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For Burns The hydrosol adds a significant cooling effect and works synergistically with the essential oil. For severe burns add 15 drops of pure essential oil of Lavender to 100ml of Chamomile hydrosol. Spray onto burns and continue using until healing is complete. Hair Rinses Hydrosols can be used as a leave-in rinse after shampoo and conditioning, do not rinse out – dry and style as usual. Hydrosols may also be misted directly onto hair and scalp. Excellent for scalp problems, hair loss, poor growth, itchy and or flaky scalp, and dry hair. For Halitosis 30 mls hydrosol of peppermint. […]

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Thyme Recipes

Thyme Cheese Beat 1/2 tsp of Himalayan salt into 4 cups of plain acidophilus yoghurt. When creamy, pour into butter muslin over a strainer. Gather the ends of cloth – tie together and hang in a cool place for 48 hours. Unwrap the curds and roll into small rounds, then roll in fresh thyme leaves. Place the rolled cheeses in small jars and cover with cold pressed olive oil. You may add chillies, dried peppers, dried tomatoes or garlic to the oil. Leave the cheese in the oil for at least three weeks, though it will keep for months. Thyme […]

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Weeds As Food and Medicine

Plantain (Plantago sp.) Plantain is one of the most useful and valuable of our common weeds found in most gardens, paddocks and roadsides. Ribwort or narrow leaf plantain appears more common than the broad leafed variety – both are equally valuable. The juice of the plant will quickly neutralize stings and bites almost instantly. If you have a blender you can liquefy the entire plant, roots and all. (ensure you wash it thoroughly first) Add some water to the blender and liquefy into a dark green soup. This will keep for around one week in a cold fridge. The juice […]

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Cottage Hill Herb Farm’s 2008 Herbal Diploma

Cottage Hill Herb Farm is pleased to announce its 2008 Herbal Diploma course starting in July… A Little About Herbal Medicine Herbal medicine is the oldest medicine on the planet and still the referred medicine of the greater population worldwide. More than 80% of the world’s population uses Herbals as mainstream medicine, according to the World Health Organisation. Most of us do not have the slightest idea of how to achieve and maintain good health today. Our fast pace lifestyles, with polluted environments, alcohol abuse, drug dependencies, fast foods and high tech stress, make us susceptible to all sorts of […]

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Simple Base Cream

Ingredients *16gm Vegetable based emulsifying wax 36 ml cold pressed apricot oil (or your choice of oil) 148 ml herbal water extract 4 drops rosemary oleoresin (an antioxidant and preservative) Equipment 1 candy thermometer for checking the temperature 1 stick blender 1 double boiler 1 saucepan pots for containing cream Instructions To make the herbal water Herbal water is made as a herbal tea infusion or decoction (simmered gently in water) using dried and preferable whole herbs- not tea bags. Some choices may be- Chamomile- soothing, gentle and anti-inflammatory Plantain- for problem skin Gotu Kola- regenerating Neem- eczema and psoriasis […]

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